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Storytime: A Touch of Destiny


Chapter IV: Well done, our courageous protagonist. You determinedly set off on your journey and are well on your way through life-changing adventure. Perhaps now you begin to understand that this quest is more than it seems. However, before you become the hero of this tale, you have a decision to make. Will you embrace your fate, that mark of destiny? Yes, you were chosen, whether or not you want this responsibility. Yet amidst the maelstrom of emotions, acceptance of fate brings an inexplicable peace. This is the climax, the point of no return. Film and TV soundtracks, classical pieces, and a few covers to imbue you with the courage to accept that touch of destiny.

Chapter V: The Final Battle

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Wonderful mix! Is there any way you can make this into an iTunes playlist, so we can buy the songs is one fell swoop (I'm not super versed in iTunes, so maybe this is a ridiculous request!)? Either way, thanks for a great playlist, it's the soundtrack to my homework marathons

Hi samanthaleet! I don't know how to do that either! You used to be able to scroll over the track and there would be a link to purchase it on iTunes, but I'm not sure if that works anymore. Sorry I can't be of more help!

Absolutely amazed by this series. The perfect study playlists and with the ability to choose the level of excitement depending on my wakefulness:

I'm Sleepy = Final Battle
all the way to
I'm Distracted = Prologue or Epilogue

Thank you so much.

Question: In the Peter Pan soundtrack, James Newton Howard's "I Do Believe in Fairies" falls under 'Chapter IV - A Touch of Destiny'. Which category would 'Flying' (sounds similar, appears earlier in the soundtrack) fall under: 'Chapter II - An Enchantment' or 'Chapter III - The Journey Begins'?
P.S. Storytime is a really great concept & great series, love these playlists. Thanks for uploading :)

Hi christabel! I had originally put "Flying" in Chapter III, but for some reason, it didn't make the final cut. I think it was because I felt like I had used that particular track too many times in my mixes. But looking back, I don't think "Flying" appears at all in any of the Storytime mixes. And thank you for listening :)

Your mixes are incredible, relaxing, inspiring and captivating. I can't stop listening! Thank you for puttingg them all together!

I love all your Storytime mixes! Each track really fits into the theme of its respective chapter; at any point of time during a mix I can strongly relate what I hear to the situation you outline in your mix description. Thank you for these :)