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Storytime: The Epilogue


Chapter VII: Sometimes the epilogue is my favourite part of a story. After intense emotional investment I long for confirmation that the happy ending does indeed happen, or for any last glimpse of characters I've come to love. Sometimes the epilogue acts as a drawn out farewell, to ease the pain of knowing I must turn that final page. And what about you, our protagonist and now hero? How has your adventure ended? Have you returned home with greater appreciation for family and hearth? Or perhaps you've found love worth waiting for, a prize beyond all others...More movie/TV soundtracks, instrumental covers, and classical pieces!

Thank you for listening to Storytime! This was such a fun project and I appreciate all your lovely comments!

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Just wanted to say thank you for this series! You've helped me get through the three papers I have due tomorrow (although I'm not quite done yet!). These are so wonderful :)