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Storytime: The Final Battle


Chapter V: This is the final conflict, the falling action. This is what our journey ultimately led us to, the point where the tides can turn, the moment that decides how the story will end. But do not give in to fear. You are the hero of this story. You are enough for this fight. The war has been raging since your journey began and now it is your time to enter the final battle, where the heroes and villains must clash once and for all - take courage and hold fast. Mainly film and TV soundtracks inspired by all the stories, tales, myths, films, and books that made me wish I was a heroine in my own adventure.

Chapter VI: The Penultimate Chapter

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Why won’t it let me listen past track #19? I used to listen to this playlist constantly in grad school 7 years ago. Love it still, but sad that I can only get the first half!

I'm so seriously in LOVE with all your Storytime playlists, they are absolute perfection and I have yet to find a flaw in any of your gorgeous playlists. x

This is actually one of the best playlists ever. It makes me feel like I am on an adventure (even while slogging through my thesis).

The Mulan song is blowing my mind. All my favorites plus a bunch I forgot were my favorites!! All your playlists are perfect. Well done.