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Storytime: The Penultimate Chapter


Chapter VI: Here follows the dénouement of our story - the tying of loose ends and final revelations. The battle is won, the warrior has prevailed. The princess throws off her curse and claims her freedom. The enchanted are restored and reunited with their families. All thanks to you, our hero. While the fairytales end here, surely this isn't the end. What is to happen now? Where are you to go from here? And what about that true love's kiss...Our journey cannot end with certain words left unspoken, conflict left unresolved, or without accepting that the hero will never be the same again. More soundtracks, covers, and classical pieces to say that this is not the end...

One final chapter! Chapter VII:

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I am really bad at studying with music because I am easily distracted by it, but your mixes are great - the songs are perfect background noise but don't distract me (except when I quickly check whether I know this song from where I think I know it from but that's completely fine)