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Storytime: The Prologue


Chapter I: This mix series was inspired by my favourite childhood stories with grand adventures, fairy tale worlds, and unforgettable characters. There's something magical about reading the prologue; the shift that happens as you slip between the pages of a book into a surreal fantasy world. In this chapter we set the stage for life-changing adventure through spine tingling film soundtracks and classical pieces.

Chapter II: An Enchantment

40 tracks
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Wow, thank you for your suggestions! I haven't watched Ferngully in ages, so I'll have to listen to the soundtrack again. But from what I'm hearing, there's definitely some awesome tracks I'd incorporate into a future mix. As for the Swan Princess Prologue track, I would have used it in this mix were it not for the voiceover :( It would have fit perfectly here...

Thank you for Latika's theme. Absolutely amazing song. Haven't heard it for a while, and now to hear it on your mix...beautiful. :)