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the perpetual student


This one goes out to all my fellow perpetual students with never-ending studying. While I dislike studying, I truly enjoy learning. The joy of learning about what I am most passionate is enough to get me through my seventh year of post-secondary education - I wouldn't give my education up for the world.

Here's a study mix inspired by long nights in the library when I would wonder why on earth I signed my soul and bank account away to school. These tracks go well with :)

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Hi there! I used to post links to tracklists, but this hasn't been allowed for a few years now. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find my notes on my computer either! Eventually I'll work on putting all my playlists on Spotify, so far it's just mixes posted after 2015. Thanks for asking!

I could NOT concentrate on my math homework! Now, with this playlist... it's like magic! I CAN!! Thank you!!! Beautiful, wonderful, glorious! Love it!!!