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truth, knowledge, beauty


Whether science or art, I believe there is beauty in all areas of study. The pursuit of knowledge, whichever realm you choose, can lead to truth and purpose. I find this idea of enlightenment utterly romantic. However, romance is difficult to sustain when there are debts to pay and deadlines to meet. And so, allow me to distract you with an instrumental study/work playlist to inspire and motivate!

Pictured: The Real Gabinete Português de Leitura, Brazil

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In this world, music is still needed like oxygen. Thank you for bringing beauty to my ears. You make my space sacred. Thank you.

Your playlists are my lifeline at work - they keep me from going out of my mind with boredom. Bless you for keeping my good humour and imagination thriving even whilst my hands are set to paltry and stagnant tasks. These beautiful playlists keep me sane! <3 Thank you for the music - God bless and keep you! ^^

Another great one mix, I'd forgotten just how lovely the soundtrack to Perfume is, plus I hadn't heard Jupiter all the way through in forever, so beautiful! Thank you :)

Strange question Lamusette! How do you get your soundtrack ratings? The more people listen to them the higher rating? J'adors ta selection de musique...tous vos listes!!! :)

@veronique.h Hello! I'm not sure I understand what you mean by rating? Do you mean the Gold rating? Any mix with over 100 likes is rated Gold, and any mix with over 1000 likes is rated Platinum. I hope this answers your question! Merci :)