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Here's my villains mix, as suggested by VnaRojazz!

Villains are complex and unpredictable, their essence difficult to capture. Some villains are fallen heroes or tragic figures, others thrive on chaos and destruction. I decided to portray an eerie, sinister and dark feeling, inspired by some of film & literature's greatest fantasy villains: characters like the White Witch, Maleficent, and many others...

For lokyan (HBD!)

36 tracks
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This is going to be my "determined to finish two projects by the end of the day today" soundtrack!!!! :) At the end of the day Wednesday, I will be done school!!

Dub step mix or cute indie mix please? I know it could be so common, but if you just make one, like an anime mix or a Sunday morning mix, that would be just great. Thanks for sharing them soundtracks anyways :)

@caeliadon Hello! Thanks for your comment, but I'm afraid I don't listen to a lot of dubstep or anime music. And there are so many good indie/easy listening mixes out there, I don't think I could contribute anything different! OMaybe one day I'll do a non-instrumental mix :)