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Smiles All Around


This is a combination of my favorite songs from 8Tracks. Includes a wide assortment of Dubstep, Indie, and cheerful tunes that make my day full of smiles!

The mix starts indie and transitions through a little pop, right into dub.


(Note: Image is from my Instagram - Follow @LanaBetty for more funtimes!)

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  • Cups (Anna Kendrick) by cetachiquita
  • The 1975 Chocolate by
  • Bon Iver (Boom Boom Beat Remix) by Minnesota, WI
  • Sail into the Sun by Gentlemen Hall
  • Of Monsters Of Men "king And Lionheart" by jadejarvis98
  • Wine and Chocolate(andhim ed) by Theophilus London
  • Pursuit Of Happiness Ft. MGMT by Kid Cudi
  • Illusion of Choice by Gramatik
  • Thrift Shop (Mikael Wills Bootleg) by MikaelWills
  • Muy Tranquilo by Gramatik
10 tracks