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Count The Stars ☆


Hello! This little playlist was inspired by @ gibslythe 's fic ''Dirty Laundry'' which is a gem and actually the best Klance fanfic i have ever read, so please if you havent read do yourself a favor and READ IT. Is still ongoing tho!

Many thanks to Serrie who helped me build this up!! I hope you enjoy guys.

[ art credit! : @ blumeesloth ]

14 tracks
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I have... no words. This playlist has made me so happy! I came playlist hunting after finishing the final chapter of Dirty Laundry, and this is my favourite one so far. I physically gasped and screamed when certain songs came on, because I had the same ones in MY own personal klance and DL playlists... (Counting Stars, It Was Always You, and Flaws, if you were curious). BUT YES, thank you for making this amazing fanmix

@ecclesia omg this made my night!!! im so glad you think so!!! 8) you have good taste then ;)) thank you for commenting means a lot!!!