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for a boy


dear boy.
i hate that you think its okay to get drunk and then ask me to come over at 1:30 in the morning then say "wait" when i am almost to your dorm.I love the smile you gave me in the dining hall the first time our eyes met after months of looking at each other through our phones. I can still see it and the message you sent me after you had left, "Our first human interaction!!" I know you are awkward and insecure because i am those things too. I know you are sad and you want to die and i know that your not sure why.i am always here for you. So when i say that i really like you and i want to hang out with you and that i'm just putting that out there, you cannot tell me "Not to do this to you." tell me what you want. even if its not me.
Yours, always, and at literally anytime
a girl.

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