56 comments on Hermione's iPod by lannyloch

did you add more songs to this playlist recently? i was listening to this a while ago and i don't recognize a lot of them. either way, the playlist is still incredible. just wondering if im going loopy or maybe a little senile. thanks!

@mushiemma21 you're not going loopy! 8tracks went silly and deleted some of the tracks i had in the original playlist..i remembered a couple but not all the ones that had been deleted so i threw in some new ones i knew would fit! glad you're still enjoying it...the hermione essence was always present in my decision making :)

Well technically iPods and any other human electronics won't work in Hogwarts. Sorry had to say it but this is amazing may God bless you for this beautiful playlist

@louistache yeah i recognize they wouldn't work! but this wasn't supposed to be a realistic playlist, it's purely just me playing with my imagination (and i'm assuming others as well)! thanks!

This playlist is actually getting me through a long assignment, so thank you for that! Also, I can see Hermione playing the classical music songs in the library, but the more folksy ones in the dorms, as she's about to go to sleep and wants to read in peace in a cozy corner of her bed

@Septiembre i'm so glad you're enjoying it! yeah my original intent was to get this to match something that hermione would like listening to throughout all parts of her day! thanks for the comment!!

Hi! I was wondering, could I possibly do a version of this, but for Lily Evans? Like, would you mind if I do one? I love this one and Ginny's one! Thank you!!

@rachelisconfused go right ahead! i was only planning on making one for ginny, hermione and luna for the harry potter series! enjoy making one for lily!