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all i ever wanted was the world

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Primadonna Girl and Viva La Vida mashup? This is the work of a true artist and genius! In fact, I chose Viva La Vida as Hans's theme song and I think either Primadonna or How to be a Heartbreaker would FemHans's theme song!

My absolute favorite! I listened to this over and over again while studying for midterms last year - let's just say it somehow helped make it bearable. It also fits me so perfectly, so, it also fits Hans to a T! I appove. //replays again

This mix is fantastic! This is the first playlist that I have ever added every single track to my favorites list! Plus it embodies Prince Hans character so well! You. Are. AWESOME!

Hey, you.
Fanmix creator.
Yeah you.
I appreciate your face for making this. My love for Hans can now be slightly tamed with a good playlist