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You Were A Miracle…


For, thank you for making those awesome edits for my HBO War playlists!! I tried to make this playlist short and sweet but then i realised, my favourite thing in the world is music and i wanted to share with you all my favourite songs in the world. It turns out i love a whole lot of songs.
Thank you for being awesome :)

48 tracks
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3 songs in I've decided I've found the One. Is this what love feels like? Absolutely amazing music selection! Definitely will be listening more than once. This is great, I love it. You did a great job.

@largesobbingacrobat Are you joking, I should be thanking you! I am absolutely astonished at your capability to put such diverse music in one playlist and make it come out perfect??? I don't know if you believe me when I say this, but at least for me, this playlist is what I had been looking for since I started listening to 8tracks. Which was music that completely matched my tastes but also mixed with familiar and unfamiliar tracks. I just finished listening to all 48 tracks and I love it. The tracks individually all have different moods and times and styles but collectively they all still work together rather well. I absolutely love every song on this playlist. And I can say this for certain now that I've listened to every one.