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In Norse mythology, Jormundandr is a sea surpent that was tossed by Odin into the ocean that surrounds Midgard. Eventually Jormundandr grew so large that he encircled the Earth and grasped his own tail. When he lets go, the world will end.

This is my take on @jejbrown's playlist challenge: "title your mix with the name of a mythical creature, tag your mix with '♪♫' and pick a song for each of the categories in the comments."

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1. a track for when it rains. 2. a track from your current favourite artist. 3. a track from a film. 4. a track that's a cover. 5. a track from your all time favourite album. 6. a track that is relevant to your current relationship status. 7. a track with no lyrics. 8. a track that would be inappropriate to play for your grandparents. 9. a track that's a duet. 10. a track that you would have played at your funeral. 11. a track about food or drink. 12. a track that freaks you out in a good way.