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Nirvana was a Cut and Paste Band


Eight tracks including music by David Bowie, Meat Puppets and Nirvana. Nirvana was a good band, but they are a bit overrated, in my humble opinion. You may now cast the first stone.

10 tracks
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but.. is not as these covers were the only good thing about nirvana.
they knew how to get together lots of influences and genres into one fine fury-angst-pop-punk- mix

Yeah Nirvana could have covered a few of these songs but obviously they got permission. And the real question is who made the songs famous?

I proffer nirvanas rendition of the man who sold the world just because of the way it sounds in kurt cobains voice, but thats just me.

I think overrated is an overrated word.
I kinda consider Nirvana to have been my gateway drug to the Vaselines and Sonic youth and everything. Whatever you think of the music, you can't deny that it really opened up the doors for listeners who probably would've gone their whole lives without listening to alot of kickass music