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college greatest hits


music that matt and foggy probably had on in the background on their radio (and a few guilty pleasures sprinkled here and there that were way too catchy and got stuck in foggy's head that he kept singing out loud to the amusement/irritation of matt). you can also view it as a really cheesy soundtrack to college mattfoggy i guess
disclaimer: this playlist is in no way meant to be taken seriously. it's also looong i'm sorry

32 tracks
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You got me on the first track that poped up: 'Bittersweat Symphony' by The Verve. And then 'Hanging by a moment', oh God, I'm getting super nostalgic. THIS SONG. And 'Save Tonight'. You just made me cry. I feel like this comment is the worst comment ever, but ALL THE FEELINGS YOU JUST MADE ME FEEL. This playlist is brilliant, takes me back a decade, and I absolutely love it. Also, is there a tracklist anywhere? 'Drops of Jupiter' never played for me, some other songs probably did the same, which is sad :c

@boredbyreality thank you so much!! drops of jupiter was the inspiration behind this playlist so it's unfortunate it didn't play for you! most of the time 8 tracks stuffs up and skips tracks for me too. i edited this post with tracklists just for you :)

@last7 Thank you so much for the tracklist! Now I can listen to the whole playlist as it was meant to be, which is brilliant <3 Also, so much more feels ;__;