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To my best friend.


This mix goes out to one of my best friends. I know things are tough and confusing. I understand that you are hurt. But don't worry, good days are right around the corner. Everything will get better. I promise.

you have been bugging me for a country mix, and here you go. I hope this brings you the beautiful smile that I enjoy so much.

So this mix is for you.

19 tracks
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I listen to metal mostly or gothic/emo, post hardcore, anime soundtracks/japanese, epic intrumental and SOME techno. Country is actually very good especially when you get to the 90s. I tried dubstep a few times but like country isn't your strength, its not really mine. I love music with meaningful lyrics and heavy guitars. I also like SOME rap but only two artists(Hollywood Undead and Eminem)

I really did enjoy it :) Thanks for making it. I'm glad your an awesome friend for her. I'm glad shes getting better ^-^ What is your usual music taste?

I listen to anything from rock to dubstep. Im not the pickiest. Country just isnt my strength haha. What do you enjoy listening to?

Thank you! I am glad you like it. She seems to be doing good. Things have gotten better for her which is a great thing!

She always nagged at me for a country mix, I am not that big into country so I gave it a try. I am glad you enjoyed it though :)