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A mix for angelic corruption, based upon specificNihilism's (Mnemonides') Corruption guide, which you can read here ( Like how eldrich corruption is grimdark, this is grimlight? I didn't make the background, I have no idea who it belongs to. If you made it/ recognize, please post a link so I can give you credit. (and possibly follow you cause holy crap this is impressive.)

  • a complex martyr complex by VulpineSmile
  • 05 Vessels by Philip Glass
  • Glory and Gore by Lorde
  • Alérion by BlackIsBeautiful
  • Immortal by Thomas Bergersen
  • Angel With A Shotgun by The Cab
  • Everything You Ever Instrumental by Red Hook Dr. Horrible
  • 01 - The Golden Age by TynO
8 tracks
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