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the thirteen snakes


here are 13 weird and wonderful tracks from 2013. this is by no means everything i loved or even a best of, just a small smattering of special songs i delighted in. probably some repeats from past mixes.

happy new year to you, my weird and wonderful friends. ssssee you on the other sssside.

last year: the twelve dragons -

13 tracks
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excellent hour spent!
very glad to hear KipKap in the list, the album's one of my very favs of last year.
and: thanks so much for alerting me about the latest chelsea album...!! :)

Second time through, and I must say, the web you've spun with these sounds is too alluring to ignore, even though it means something sinister. The Xiu Xiu is the highlight for me, it really takes it to a unique and beautifully tortured place. I shared this on the 8tracks friends facebook group, and it's gotten a lot of love there. Once again, I say BRAVO!

aw, dang! thanks for posting about it and for saying so. it all came together in a surprising way for me as well. so glad you enjoyed it!