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Falling slowly


I guess this is a kinda sad Frostiron playlist...
Have fun crying!
and if you're really clever, you'll see the story in the order of the songs...

  • Cover of "Falling Slowly" from ONCE the Musical by Sophie Vanier
    falling slowly, eyes that know me
  • Flaws (Deep Chills Remix) by Bastille
    They both have many MANY flaws
  • Emi Nem by eminem
    Loki is the god of lies after all
  • Brokenhearted by Lawson
    Played with love, got you broken hearted. I thought you were all i wanted...
  • Young And Beautiful by Starlite Orchestra & Singers
    Lets face it, Tony wont stay young forever.
  • You Are My Sunshine by Sistiana
    Whatever you do, do not imagine Loki singing this to Tony while Tony is dying in his arms from a fatal wound
  • Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider by Safe and Sound (Taylor Swift)
    Imagine Loki singing this to comfort Tony
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2 comments on Falling slowly

I made the decision to listen to this on the way to work. Bad choice, amazing playlist. I almost missed my damn stop because I got so frikkin' invested in the storyline you'd created! Is this inspired by a fix or anything? Either way, kudos. It's an excellent playlist, and I am sufficiently full of angst now.

@lokidokidooda oh my gosh! I'm sorry that I took so long to see this! Thank you so much for your comment, it made me smile :D tbh I just had a few songs in my head but as I listened to them together I realised that I could arrange them in a certain way to kinda make the story. I played around a lot and changed some of the songs but eventually I was happy with it XD