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Dreaming of Wolves

3 comments on Dreaming of Wolves

thanks for this mix! very unusual collection of atmospheric tracks. really, it's better to listen to it in the late rainy evening. absolutely wonderful!

thank you very much! :) i'm very glad you enjoyed this mix, i really love most of your mixes too! rainy evenings are indeed wonderful, but i'll stick with my rainy nights. i've always wondered how come rain can be so soothing.

After the intense, surging introspection of the first track, then the delicate emotion of the Ben Howard track humming through the aftermath...It almost brought a tear to my eye.

The whole playlist brings out the strongest sensibility I think, it was so beautiful. I love that you included 'I Know' by Placebo as well (I spent about 6 years listening to Placebo every single day and that is still one of my absolute favourites). This mix is a lovely combination of long, epic post-rock and quieter vocal songs. Perfect mix for the perfect time and place - and I love the Cherokee story to go along with it, I think the mix really captures the story's message.