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The Endless Journey


The world does never end, for even when you return to the point where you began your journey, you will realise how much you have changed and how everything you have seen along the way now seems new again.

"Not all those who wander are lost." J. R. R. Tolkien

17 songs about outer and inner journeys, including Haggard, Ayreon and Rhapsody of Fire.

17 tracks
6 comments on The Endless Journey

So epic, but never losing the beauty amidst the epic. :D
Love it, you used some of my favourite Rhapsody, Therion and Nightwish, plus some nice new finds here too (I really like the sound of Ayreon and I'll have to check more out from him).

Thank you, I'm very glad you liked it! :) You really should check them out, they have this nice album called "The Human Equation" that I enjoy listening to very much :D