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The Imp


I've been thinking for a while about creating a character-themed playlist, and from the infinite posibilities given to me, I have chosen my favourite character: Tyrion Lannister from George R. R. Martin's saga "A Song Of Ice And Fire".

19 tracks.

I think one of the things I have learned from Tyrion is that strong essences comes in the smallest bottles.

"Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you."

18 tracks
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The King's Arrival really hurts. It's not even a sad song, it just reminds me of that brief time when things were still good, before everything goes horribly wrong.

I think it's interesting that you associated Irish music with Tyrion. The upbeat songs do suit his hedonistic ways.

Foarte frumos si nimerit playlistul! Ma bucur sa vad ca sunt destui romani care se bucura de aceste carti extraordinare. Jon si Tyrion mi-au castigat inima cu prima lor aparitie. Ii ador!

I love it when people make mixes based on literature/film. this is very cool. look farward to checking out Khaleesi next.

And btw, I was surprised to find that you like Rhapsody. I loooooved them when I was younger, and was puzzled that there aren't so many people into them. I was really excited to listen to them in your playlists ^.^