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rainy days & quiet nights

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This playlist is so good I could listen to it forever! I used to listen to the whole playlist when 8tracks used to work before but now I use infinitytracks so I still could listen to it but the problem is I don't listen to the whole playlist only the first 10 tracks and I hate it I wanna listen to it all so if u could help me and tell me the names of the songs and the artist too please

Could someone please send me all the songs in this playlist? I can't listen to this when I go on the bus to school because I have no wifi and I'm on an iPad, so can someone please send me the songs so I can make a playlist on my music app? Thanks so much, in advance!

@sehaj.d if you go on youtube & copy the links of the songs you want, you can use to convert them to mp3 and sync them to your ipod/phone to listen to! Thank you for liking the songs <3