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i am the bones you couldn't break


a mix about Shepard, that self-sacrificing commander who is carrying the weight of the galaxy upon her shoulders.

10 tracks
7 comments on i am the bones you couldn't break

oh gosh im so sad ;-; this is so good, thank you for making it! (now i can play it on repeat and get sad every time bc i love shepard so much)

@garrusvakarian Thank you! Perhaps finishing the mix with Reignite by Malukah was a really low blow for the heart haha. Really glad you like it and thanks for your comment.

GAHHHHh i just finished the series for the first time last week and this mix is making even more emotional than i already am. SO GOOD. (especially "chin up" UGH)

Thank you so much for your comment! Mass effect is one of the best videogame series of all the time, right? I'm in love with that song too, it really suits her proud character.