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los hella sad tiempos :'<

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you should make a spotify playlist, most of these songs can't be played on this website because of VEVO restrictions :(

also props for going the extra mile, friend. this is commitment. it's like a full on multimedia performance piece now.

cyesssssss i am reading ur fic & tipsy (dripsy?) on ... not fourlokos, but the cheapest/highest alcohol by volume beer you can get at the grocery store around the corner, aka steel reserve, aka shitty piss-water but at least it has more flavor than foster's and isn't toothache sweet like fourloko or strawberitas or whatever the fuck. i'm not that far into the fic but i am enjoying it. idk if html works here for italics etc but we'll find out won't we. anyway i am also missing my best friend who lives in fucking tennessee four hours away so i identify strongly with stiles in this fic, minus the repressed queerness. (i am super queer, omg, you do not even know.) i want a j/o friend! i've never had a j/o friend. it's so sad. fwb is not the saaaaame. i also haven't had sex in like, 2 years, which: what. i used to have sex all the tiiiiiime! okay i am pretty sure this oversharing qualifies me as more than tipsy. but w/e i'll be fine. water + ibuprofen. how do you make friends? i made friends easily all through school and college, and now it's so hit and miss. life is hard. internet is easy. craigslist is the pits though. don't go there. it's the Dark Place. like the mordor of human connection. maybe not quiiiiite mordor, i mean, i've gotten emails that were respectful and sweet even, but, "straight guys" etc etc. no. not going to deal with that shit. "i don't like labels" is fine and all, but if you're "straight" we're not having sex. nope. nope. where are the platonic friends though? how do you meet them? comments on lonely 8tracks playlists: one-sided agony aunt advice column for the (relatively new) century. i miss sex. i miss having friends in my general geographic vicinity. i miss high school sometimes? mostly not. i am a better person than i was in high school. but i don't feel as ... safe, as surrounded by friends. :/ hey if anyone lives in charlotte nc, know that a nerdy dude is looking for friends. i like poetry and philosophy and fandom and hipster-adjacent music by which i mean a combination of classic rock, prog, folk, and indie. also queens of the stone age and johnny cash (who i have actually seen in concert! i was 5, and it was branson, mo, but still.) okay i should stop now. yes. this playlist is wonderful. i may return.