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Happy Grad Megs!!!


Congratulations on your graduation, Beautiful Cousin!!! In celebration of your graduation/anticipation of the best concert ever #August11 I give you ALL THE 1D/5SOS (and a few lil extra). Play #onmaxvolume for maximum obnoxiousness/drive-your-parents-craziness <3

  • DJ Nathan 1D mix by Nathan V (MediEvil's)
  • She Looks So Perfect (Overlap) by Alex Kapantais
  • Heartbreak Girl by Candy (xXLyricalDreamXx)
  • Classic by MKTO
  • Rude by Magic!
  • Mashup of 50+songs by Pop Danthology 2013
  • One Direction Total Eclipse Of The Heart by Katie McGrath
  • The 1975 Chocolate by
  • Magic by One Direction
  • Call Me 1D (REMIX by BFMIX) by Carly Rae Jepsen Vs. One Direction
  • Still The Good Girls Mashup 1D & 5SOS hmeheheh by tika4869
11 tracks
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