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145 songs for the young in love


because you have the most beautiful mind

if you're expecting a solid tempo or genre, don't. the only thing any of these songs have in common is an abundance of infactuation

play this when your heart finally overrules your head

just give in every once in awhile, would you?

145 tracks
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I love this SO MUCH. I'm really stressed about my thesis defence tomorrow, and this made me just a little bit calmer :) Thanks guys

I LOVE THIS PLAYLIST EXCEPT IT ONLY STRENGTHENS THE MOST OBNOXIOUS AND SHY CRUSH IN THE WORLD SOOO YOU SEE MY PROBLEM? BECAUSE I DO BUT I ALSO HAVE NO INTENTIONS OF CHANGING THAT soo I guess I'll stop complaining and just try to not blush the whole time I type this and think about a certain someone oops too late