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sleuth diplomacy : a Problem Sleuth fst


an FST designed to capture the delightfully quirky and anachronistic themes of Andrew Hussie's "Problem Sleuth".
electroswing, 8-bit remixes of 1920s songs, a couple mashups, and a little bit of Captain Snoop.

8 tracks
4 comments on sleuth diplomacy : a Problem Sleuth fst

Thank you so much for this mix, this is THE soundtrack for Problem Sleuth! You managed to blend silly and intense in measure, while keeping it fun; it makes you want to dance like an idiot and play mobsters :D

I love this mix!! It's fun, bouncy, easy to listen to, and perfectly captures the Problem Sleuth style. I especially like how the remix with Snoop integrated perfectly with the rest of the songs and didn't feel out of place.