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Ethiopian Groove - Ye'haguer Bet Fikir


Savour the best Ethiopian Hits sipping the sweet citrus Ethiopian coffee. Enjoy!

  • yeweyn haregitu-feleqleqe by Alemayehu eshete & badume's band
  • ተማር ልጄ (Alemayehu Eshete by አለማየሁ እሸቴ
  • - Tizita by dawit tefera
  • Alemayehu Eshete by Alèmayèhu Eshèté
  • - Akal Ayinishin by Tilahun Gessesse
  • MAHMOUD AHMED + BADUME BAND live by runprod
  • O Africa by Teddy Afro
  • Trinita feat Mahmoud Ahmed by Trinita
  • Yene Tizita/My Memories by VaheTilbian
  • Yeteqemet Abeba HD by Neway Debebe
  • Ethiopiques 10 by Mahmoud Ahmed
  • Erè mèla mèla by Mahmoud Ahmed
  • Alemayehu Eshete by Alèmayèhu Eshèté
  • Hodes man alehu HD by Neway Debebe
  • Lambadina by Teddy Afro
  • eyob & zeritu by Noah Tesfaldet 1
  • Wed Agerbet HD by Teddy Afro
  • Alemayehu Eshete;"Alteleyeshegnem". by Ethiopian Music ; Yoftahe
  • - Yehiywote Hiywot by Tilahun Gessesse
  • Tizita by Kuku
  • Kuku Sebsibe Ft.Teddy Afro Yebereha Sidetegna by Dave T. Teklu
  • Tilahun Gessesse Setihed Siketelat by addiSound
  • Tibeb New Tizita by Mikael Belayneh
  • Yefikir Tizita by Mètché Dershé
  • Sema by Tlahoun Gèssèssè
  • Ethiopiques by Éthiopiques
  • Min Yiwetegn Neber HD by Tsehaye Yohannes
  • Hgeren Alresam by Neway Debebe
  • Zeritu:Bezemen Begize by Selam Tayech
  • አንድ በዪኝ by Tsehaye Yohannes
  • Yegelle Tezeta by Mulatu Astatqé
  • - Kifu Ayinkash by Tilahun Gessesse
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5 comments on Ethiopian Groove - Ye'haguer Bet Fikir

I played this on my mums birthday and heck she loved it haha so I just wanted to say thanks once (idk anything about ethiopian music but my mum really enjoyed it so I guess it's pretty good haha)

I closed my eyes and see the dirt road and the mud house of Ethiopia and my heart feels like start melting:-(
Thanks for bringing back to me the beautiful Ethiopia and her beautiful people