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fresh cuts.


some fresh new Hip Hop for your enjoyment.

inc.Mac Miller,Cunninlynguists,Drake,Lupe Fiasco & Wiz Khalifa


*sidenote* Who killed the first track?

*sidenote 2* Drake Vs Common,who you got?

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That's that YMCMB garbage. Drake is nowhere near legendary and never will be. Common said "I guess I'm just a hopeless hip-hop romantic". Respect! My question is, why is Common even wasting his time on him??

thats the only thing that bugs me about this 'beef',drake stay on that subliminal shit it was only a matter of time someone took a shot at him (you've had pusha t and luda go at him,albeit lightly).for com to come out and be like 'yo,lets make this talking about you' lol he gets props from me...i think he believes that someone just needs to do this for the sake of hip hop,it wont change a thing but at least he's naming names and not afraid.