149 comments on My Alternative Smoking Playlist.High Grade Only. by lazypakman

dude, were you me in high school? this mix is almost identical to my blaze list back in grade 12 (5yearsago) damn, perfect blend of the good new stuff and the classics. as far as rock stoner playlists go, this is the best i've come across in the 8tracks realm, and i'm only on track 12!

i wish i had this kind of knowledge in high school my man lol,i really don't know much about rock,this is pretty much a compilation of songs that have been built up over the years from stoner friends who do listen it.i probably could do like 2 more playlists worth and then i'd be done lol.props for the feedback though,much appreciated.

maaan im to high to post all that lol...scroll down a bit in the comments and you should find a download link to the playlist,if not then give me a few days and ill write it up for you.

Great great mix im on like the 13th track :) thank you for making it. Its nice to chill to, a joint would be nice but i don't smoke pot anymore for personal reasons.