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r&b smoke session.


come on.light that shit up,this is what you need if you want some super chilled rnb to smoke whatever it is that takes your preference.with.lots of neo soul,and some classic 90's stuff as well.

artist's inc.D'Angelo,Missy Elliot,John Legend & Erykah Badu.

Enjoy responsibly.

14 tracks
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I will pay you cash money if you upload your whole stoner r&b/rap collection somwhere where I can download it.

thanks man. i have a lot of favourites. let me know what you can do all of these mixes are so tight.

Soulful vibe-
That ron swanson swag-
Stress free-
Verbal immensity-
Strawberry cough-
Women weed and hip hop-
The best hip hop of 2011.-
No seeds no stems no sticks-
That west coast shit #2 the underground edition-
As we smoke that la la la-
The future of hip hop is here-
Head vibin’-
If you don’t get high, then don’t get in-
Hip hop shuffle-

you got an email or something i could send you the links to?what ill do is upload a few at a time and just keep sending them to you