le marchend de la mort
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Talk. To. Ahzrukhal.


Music describing Charon's journey from the requisition of his contract, to the death of his employer and living with the grief.

Cover art by the brilliant Artandapples on tumblr [ http://artandapples.tumblr.com/post/29919489465 ]

11 tracks
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@hello_imasalesman Hey! thank you, it was super hard for me to curate so i'm glad people are picking up on the subtle shiping haha. on the topic of tumblr, yes i do its this-is-a-no-smoking-flight.tumblr.com , but honestly if youre looking for more charon/lw content id advise youd like a post and check up when you remember. Right now its pretty slow going but im planing on doing more charon/lw stuff in the future