Leafy McGreen
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♆The Chillstep Movement♆ ☁☾Part 2☽☁


This is a 4 part playlist of some of the truest chillstep and other genres of music across the map. This is the music that inspires. So go out and live your life. This is how we can make a difference.

Part 1: http://8tracks.com/leafy-mcgreen/the-chillstep-movement-part-1
Part 3:http://8tracks.com/leafy-mcgreen/the-chillstep-movement-part-3
Part 4:http://8tracks.com/leafy-mcgreen/the-chillstep-movement-part-4

  • Love You In The Dark by Esji Citrine
  • Life Round Here by eric.n
  • Beautiful Light (Uppermost) by Jacked By @Offlical
  • Swing Life Away (Feat Kellin Quinn) (Prod By Cameron Mizell) | Black Flag by Machine Gun Kelly
  • To The Floor by Minnesota
  • Bastille feat. Ella by No Angels
  • Every Cloud by Rameses B
  • Lucid Truth by Blackmill
  • Sexy Socialite (Boys Noize Remix) by Lola ♔
9 tracks
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