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eighties nostalgia

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Sleeper's cover of 'Atomic' was 1996 - how could that have been listened to in the '80s…? Sorry, but if you title a playlist "'80s nostalgia" then the expectation is that all the tracks - and the bands - were around in the '80s. Stands to reason.

I never said I wasn't enjoying it, it's just that you called or '80s nostalgia - and around 75% of the tracks aren't '80s. I think you'll find that's the definition of an '80s playlist 'tracks released in the '80s'

I don't mean to be pedantic, but what are your criteria for this mix…? I ask because you've had Sleeper (albeit with a Blondie cover from 1980).

Life - better in the '80s…? Two words: - Maggie Thatcher. I was at high school in the '80s. You need an education, lass… seriously. It was either get out your fucking mind - or go under. And now it's happening all over again: - "Those who do not learn from the mistakes of others are doomed to repeat them". Some dude with more sense than me said that. Probably Mark Twain or something. I've no idea - I forget me own name these days… stay young kid. Remember, you only get to choose a side once in this life, so choose wisely (bacon. Bacon's always good… so are eggs). Sorry poor joke. You know what I mean - let's put it this way it's not the one with Palin and Romney. Stay groovy, kid.