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Memories of a friend, a feeling, a fantasy.
This started as just another sadmix, but after throwing in some Lemon Demon and a other oddballs, it became much more interesting. Making this helped me find humor in all the melodrama, and has provided healing. I hope it helps you, too.
This is about a friendship that set itself on fire. We were perfect and uncanny, blinded by magic. Ignition and exhaustion. Codependency and narcissism. One day I looked into the mirror and finally saw the incredible hubris. I did not make this mess alone, but I indulged it. What fools! We will keep running into each other. Too much in common. How to reconcile? How to cope?
With therapy, of course. And playlists.
Artwork is mine, thumbnail of a larger piece also titled "Fair Weather".

23 tracks
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