33 comments on A Happy Potter Christmas by lecteris

thank you all so much for the very nice comments! I just logged in to 8tracks for the first time in...years? and read all these amazing replies and it made me so very happy <3

Thank you for this playlist! it's amazing just my kind of xmas, not those michael buble and mariah carey songs hahah, I love this so much!

Lovely, just lovely. I'm almost seeing Hagrid dragging pine trees from the forest, and prof. Flitwick decorating other ones in the Great Hall. And because most of the students left school, it became more cozy, everyone is greeting everyone, and smiling to each other. Even prof. Dumbledore came from his tower and is singing some of the magical carols, while trying out cookies that some house-elves left here and there.

Ahhh I loved Snow in August from the Nanny McPhee soundtrack! I'd completely forgotten about it until now and fell in love all over again!

I love this, it is good to study for finals to and I can still be in the holiday spirit! Love this! Also, who would pass up Harry Potter am I right?