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don't belong to no city. don't belong to no man.


♕ a pretty little liars (aria is a) au mix:

‘a’ is not for 'amateur’ //

aria disappears before the world can uncover her darkest secret. now her face is plastered to posters, milk cartons, tv screens. doll-eyes that will follow you to the grave. a desperate family pleads the nation for answers. they’ve already lost too much. they can’t lose their child, not again. only her best friends know the truth: she’s not lost, but found. the face behind the letter. the permanent chill caressing their spines. the reason they shiver whenever a phone sounds, or a door slams, or someone leans in too close. now aria’s on the run, confined to a neon-lit motel room in nowhere, us, wrapped in bloody sheets and glued to the missing reports.

she’s won the game, or so she thinks.

11 tracks