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You Never Had


"This is the way that we love,
Like it's forever.
Then live the rest of our life,
But not together."

- Avril Lavigne & Butch Walker

A breakup themed playlist for Shaun Gilmore and Vax'ildan Vessar from the ever delightful Critical Role.

I may or may not have been growing increasingly and incredibly salty because I just want Shaun to be healthy and happy, and from watching his relationship with Vax finally come to a slamming halt after stuttering along for such a long time.

As a friend helped me put it - It's the pinkest of Himalayan Saltiness, aged for a thousand years and dissolved in a single drop of the purest, most perfectly distilled water.

I needed to help myself dilute it. So I put this list together.


14 tracks
2 comments on You Never Had

Thank you, I wasn't crying enough about Vaxmore today and this playlist really just brought me up to the quota

@audacioussalix On one hand, I'm flattered that this playlist made you feel this way. On the other hand, I'm laughing evilly in satisfaction bwahahaha! But yeah, Vaxmore is my OTP to never be. I'm glad you enjoyed my salty collection of music for them ;)