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A Bollywood Seduction


Intoxicated by these eyes lay bare a thousand souls
My eyes that coyly witnessed their thousand folklore

You’re not the only disgraced, lovesick at my door
This cold city is filled with a few thousand and more

The lust you have that I quench is what you look for
This thirst that remains in all other brothels galore

Scare away this flame with the storm you bring inshore
I still flicker with temptation ‘cause I’m more than a whore

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3 comments on A Bollywood Seduction

Added a beautiful mashup composition of All of Me/Sun Saathiya. Clearly we can't get enough of John Legend. In addition, thanks for all the listens and likes, guys. It's been a rather difficult playlist to compile just because such sensual and evocative compositions are so far and few in between and I refused to put up anything crass. Will keep updating as I discover more.

@nikita5sos :) It's really well done. I've come across various songs that could be remixed with R&B beats to create amazing compositions; sadly I can't find much quality stuff out there and don't have the skills to compose, myself :( My personal favourite in this mix is "In Aankhon Ki Masti" - pay attention to the lyrics.