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Suits - Seasons 1, 2 & 3

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Any chance you will be uploading Season 4 songs as the season progresses? This playlist is a key ingredient in crushing work!

Yeah I'll get on it soon. I'm considering creating another playlist because 8tracks only allows 2~3 songs by the same artist so I'm not always able to put all the songs from the episodes.

They were filming in front of my office a couple of weeks ago. They seem to love the intersection in front of the office - There was a hotdog stand prop there one day, followed by a subway entrance at the exact spot the next day.

Admittedly I thought the hotdog stand was real so I went to buy one for lunch but got turned away :-(

Awesome, thanks, let me know if you start a new playlist. Yeah my good friend works right on Bay street and has seen them filming a bunch as well. A Suits hot dog would be legit!

All updated with Season 3. Finally.

Couldn't add a couple of Charles Bradley songs due to the 2 song limit but, are you really going to miss them out of 146 tracks and 10 hours of Suits music?

Random note - As someone who works on Bay St. (Canadian equivalent of the Wall St.) I find it absolutely hilarious when they try to one-up these 'suit-up' professions on the show, along with all the yuppies I meet who lap up everything Harvey Spectre says.

My favourite line from the recent episodes - "We're investment bankers, our job blows yours out of water." ...this show now makes my eyes roll out of my sockets. :-(

Enjoy all

Sorry guys, haven't had a chance to update the list from last two eps. It feels like a long week of 15 hour days including the weekend, where the only consolation is that I get to sleep in. Stay tuned.

No, that would defeat the purpose of having a Suits-centric playlist, no?

Did you find any that weren't there?

Saw the cast yesterday filming outside, really cool people, not nearly as stuck up as they appear in the show.

I agree. I asked because I listen to it every day and for the past few days I had a feeling there was something different. Keep up the good work! :)

Ohh, lucky you! I bet it's great to see them in real life.

8tracks streams some music straight from soundcloud, maybe that is what is causing the difference? If you flag anything that's weird, let me know and I'll check it out there.

Awesome thanks again for all the hard work! Was not surprised at all when they got the green light for Season 4.