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a Mind at Peace..


Refresh your mind with this playlist of dope ambient music, combined with a team of up & coming talented lyricists. Check out and support the artists if you dig it!

  • Blow (Prod. by MJNichols)
  • Wake Up by Q the Architect
    More sounds here! https://soundcloud.com/naquan_architect
  • Alright by Nok from the Future
    Profile: https://soundcloud.com/nokfromthefuture
  • Round Two (Featuring Desktop) by The Royal
    Profile: https://soundcloud.com/royalmakesmusic
  • Feelin' This Way [Prod. by Te' Beats] by Yang
    Profile: https://soundcloud.com/yang-music
  • jukebox queen [goddess] by Orpheus Letrista
    Profile: https://soundcloud.com/orpheusletrista
  • Potpourri Ft. Randi Renee by ZacThomas
    Profile: https://soundcloud.com/thomasitis
  • Water World_(Producer J.Knight)_(lyrics AllanPoe_J.Kinght) by Jaleel Knight
    Profile: https://soundcloud.com/allanpoe
8 tracks