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My guy, my doll!


This is a best friend mix. I may have more than one "best friend" but listen, babe, you know who you are - no one else would appreciate a love letter in the form of an 8tracks mix like you would.
I've thrown together some songs that remind me of you or of how I feel about you - I hope listening to this makes you smile! I love you. No hetero.

I probably forgot so many important songs ROFLD (resting on the floor lying dead).

By the way, I probably don't have to tell you of all people to read the annotations but... read the annotations.

Oh, P.S: By the end of it, two cops will come in and shoot each other. Isn't that the most ridiculous thing you've ever

Cover art by hoursago.tumblr.com!

11 tracks
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i hit enter and it sent the comment. i spoke too soon. HERE are my responses to every song: 1. yes good 2. omg im so glad thank u this is the proudest thing i own 3. FUKHFKHG my best vine. 4. omg i need to watch this movie again holy fuk!!! 5. im dYING laughing right now at this memory and also at your caption fu ckkc 6. omg same i think of u ever tim. i also used it for a character last year lol so thnx that was all u ur asterisk mix is the bomb dot com 7. NOO IM GONNA WAKE MY FAMILY UP LAUGHING 8. i do indeed remember tangled omg we gotta do a disney marathon my dude tangled then moana yes? i think yes 9. omg rey's theme i'm so happy my tiny space bab gf 10. omg wtf this is adorable i love this 11. bro... that's gay bro....... (holy shit i haven't heard this song in forever way to kill me)