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Alla Grande #3: Viaggio in Italia

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um, I hate to be the bearer of bad news again, but I think 8tracks have screwed you over. Again. You should check Il carnevale when you get a chance, 'casue at the moment, it's sounding awfully like The Jerk. :(

WTF???!!!!! I've just checked it. Nice to get to know and to hear that the whole thing here is broken. So dear @8tracks: What about information? There was no mix of mine mentioned in that review mail you had sent a while ago. Btw. this mail was just about deleting files, but not of turning tunes I've uploaded into shit! So, we all make mistakes, but what about aplogyzing (for example instead of introducing sick new features and an awful new look that no one was looking forward to)???? Oh, further note btw. that I had once got a so-called strike against me for supposed intended mistagging some files. Now I'm asking YOU what you're going about to do with that stupid asshole who has been responsible for this crap. And I wonder if you're at least able to fix all this and mind your users who are keeping your shit here alive. Finally I'd like to thank you for checking now each one of my works here and tagging them if necessary with "mix broken by 8tracks ... thx!"

But the most disgusting replacement was Roberto Vecchioni's outstanding "Luci a San Siro" You can enjoy it here anyway: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-Lft_K4Vko note: I had to delete not less than 5 (!!!) songs from this one here... F*'$!

I sighed my way through A Room With A View yesterday, so this seemed like a good place to travel to today. *more sighs*