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AnthologYU #2: Our days!


Želim da si tu na sunčanom putu...*
- Pop mašina

*Wish you were here along the sunny path...

The Gr8 Milenković presents fabulous early YU-rock before the White Button (Bijelo Dugme) was pushed (1967-1974). Just gr8 appetizers including music by Indexi, Korni grupa and Drugi način.

8 tracks
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Knowing rock from other countries beyond USA, UK is very interesting. Mostly when you can find good music. Thanks for this mix

Hey @aunt13, I REALLY appreciate your listening to the same mix three times (at least)!! Guess it's not that bad at all actually... and to answer your questions... "Grupa" just means "group"... :-p Sometimes foreign languages aren't that difficult as they seem... ;) So perhaps YU grupa could be understand as a play on words too: YU for the former car license number of Yugoslavia, but interpretation as "your group" would be also possible I think. "Slike" means "images". Grupa 220 was one of the first rock bands which didn't record covers (either in English or in Serbo-Croatian), but wrote their own songs and sang them in their native language to create some kind of music called "YU rock" later. And yes, I'm thinking about making a '60s-beat-and-garage-YU rock-party-jukebox-mix as well as one another containing more hard and/or progressive stuff from the '70s and '80s.

hey you! man, i've gotta check back with my comments on other people's mixes more often... i'm listening to this mix again, my third listen. does grupa mean something? i noticed two other band names in this mix with grupa in it. and yes, i've heard of grupa 220 before, maybe 2-3 years ago, i heard the song Slike and then got the album. but that's way later, like 2005, and it sounds like you're more familiar with their older stuff? damn, i didn't realize that they'd been around that long! i thought they were a new band or something

@aunt13: Hvala lijepo for liking this one! Do you know Grupa 220 before? Btw. though this mix doesn't include the single I've chosen for cover (because they look so cool) I think I might put at least one of these songs on some mix in the future, we'll see...