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AnthologYU #4: Sugar's Special Sixties Saturday Night Disco


The Gr8 Milenković presents 25 outstanding covers to dance the night away by Bele Vrane, Crni Biseri and Siluete.

Picture: Belgrade club Diskoteka in 1967, not only the first discotheque in Yugoslavia, but in the Balkans, Southeast Europe, and the USSR. It opened in 1967 and became known as Šećer*, a reference to Laza Šećer, the owner of the club which was closed within a year.

* šećer = sugar

25 tracks
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For all Roboti fans out there: Here's the original version sung by Drafi Deutscher: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjA2NjcyOTA0.html Another funny fact about the German version: it was temporarily banned from Bavarian radio stations because of its wrong grammar in the title....

hehe... the guy from delfini sounds more like captain beefheart ate mick jagger ... and in my world, that's not a bad thing :)