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Campus Swingers - The School Girls

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@sidekick now the 2 German Dusty sound-a-likes Waltraud and Heidi should be FINALLY on this mix.... and pls don't ask how I did this... sometimes 8tracks is driving me nuts, sorry to say that!

as soon as I can get an appropriate version of Daisy Door's "Schulmädchen" title song from the sequel motion picture, btw. request 4 help @all :-p

yep, that's right... it might be labelled with the composer Peter Thomas too. And I did mean to say please... I get rude when I'm drunk ;)

no, i liked it... it was like, come on, get on it already!! we're just passionate about music :) and so far, man, it IS hard to find. i checked out discogs first and saw daisy door and peter thomas, it's a single with each of them doing schulmadchen, right? i'll get it... just will take some time... unless someone else has better luck...