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Fontane di Roma - La Dolce Vita


Oh, my goodness! Marcello, come here, hurry up! - Sì, Sylvia, vengo anch'io, vengo anch'io... Ma sì, ha ragione lei: sto sbagliando tutto, stiamo sbagliando tutti... Sylvia, ma chi sei? - LISTEN!!!

2xgr8tracks + 4 Fountains of Rome including music by Al Di Meola, Bixio-Frizzi-Tempera and Connie Francis.

"As I say: I could watch a Fellini film on the radio."
- Roger Ebert

18 tracks
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MAJOR kudos for the Roger Ebert endorsement! I can see why he liked it, it is pretty darn stunning. You have a really extensive knowledge of music :)